Enabling Technologies for Continuous Control and Automation

Our Technology

Proprietary tunable laser technologies

Achieve optimal power at every wavelength with Nirrin’s tunable lasers

Nirrin’s proprietary lasers are designed with built-in, patented wavelength and amplitude technology to deliver long-term stability and transferability of analysis methods.

Optimized optical probes and form factors

Yield optimal signal-to-noise with easy-to-use form factors, across all bioprocess platforms. 

Nirrin probes are built with patented, optical designs and are compatible with our best-in-class lasers.

Systems with intelligent analytics

Nirrin makes it easy to build spectroscopic and chemometric models for your processes.

Nirrin leverages intelligent analytics with scale- and cell-agnostic lasers, probes, and software offer an out-of-the-box solution that does not require full-run calibration.

Our Products

Nirrin is building the foundation to enable continuous control and automation with real-time, actionable bioreactor data.